About us

Welcome to Sex Worker Collective. We are sex workers whose collective goal is to provide a space for sex workers to feel nice, hence our mission statement BE NICE TO SEX WORKERS.

Sex Worker Collective

What we do…..
We provide a website and an email address for sex workers who want to participate in our mission to BE NICE TO SEX WORKERS.

What you can do……
– if you’d like to add something to the website, email it to us and we’ll post it.
– if you have an idea for something we could do to enhance the website, send us an email and let us know.
– if you’d like information on something, send us an email and let us know
Your ideas aren’t judged and need to be deemed worthy by a panel of experts. If you’re a sex worker and have something to say or an idea then we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen because all ideas are valid because all sex workers are valid. We see you and we value you.

How we differ from other organisations, groups and collectives…
– our sole goal is to be nice to sex workers
– we will not ask for donations or money to be placed into a bank account that we have opened. Spend it on yourself, your kids, sponsor a koala, go wild! The only money involved in Sex Worker Collective is the payment for hosting the domain name and website and that’s already been paid.
– we have no committee. There is no membership, no popularity contest, no hierarchy, no one person has a greater voice, no politics, no issue more important than another based on lobby groups or politics within a committee, no power plays, no executive, no “leadership group”… there is only BE NICE TO SEX WORKERS.
– we do not do media
– we do not lobby
– we don’t tell you how to live your life
– we have zero interest in organisational structures and believe they are detrimental to sex workers being able to get things done to support each other and to achieve the goal of BEING NICE TO SEX WORKERS. Organisational structures also mean hierarchy and people have more power and are deemed more worthy than others. We completely reject this approach to sex worker organising.
– we do not affiliate ourselves with any organisation nor do we look for permission to exist or be accredited. We are sex workers and we do not seek approval from anyone.